GapCover Elite – in our opinion, the best gap cover in South Africa

GapCover Elite is an advanced version of gap cover for medical aid members as it has more benefits than traditional gap cover or combined gap cover. GapCover Elite is the ‘supersized’ version of Gap Cover and is a great addition to your medical aid cover. It’s no secret that medical aid schemes are unlikely to be able to cover all your medical expenses for procedures received as an in- or out-patient at a hospital. Medical gap cover Elite is the safety net that is arguably a must have for all South Africans with a medical aid.

What is GapCover Elite?

GapCover Elite is a form of medical aid coverage that functions to offer shortfall cover between what was charged by a Registered Medical Professional while receiving in-hospital treatment and what was covered by your Medical Scheme. This is an elite version of other product offerings for GapCover in South Africa as it has a wider range of benefits.

If you are an in-patient, with GapCover Elite, you will be covered for tariff shortfalls, back and neck procedure shortfalls, co-payments and deductibles, dental procedure cover discrepancies, dental co-payments, a hospital cash plan, non-designated service provider (DSP) hospital visits, oncology co-payments, be provided with prescribed minimum benefits cover, as well as shortfall protection from sub-limits.

If you are an out-patient, with Medical GapCover Elite, you will be covered for tariff shortfalls, co-payments and deductibles, emergency ward benefits, preventative care benefits, physiotherapy, and accidental dental mishaps.

Ask yourself “Why you I need GapCover Elite?”

Simply, GapCover Elite can do what a medical aid scheme cannot do. Most medical aid schemes offer cover for a specific amount, and once that amount has been reached the policyholder will have to settle the difference. If the policyholder has GapCover Elite, this payment gap will be taken care of as the outstanding amount will be paid out by their Gap Cover Elite policy, where applicable.

Next you will be wondering “How do I get GapCover Elite?

If you are interested in signing up for GapCover Elite, GapRisk can assist. Our team of GapRisk Administrators look forward to discussing your needs and wants to be able to offer a customised gap cover for medical aid package.

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