Combined Cover – what, why, how

Combined GapCover for medical aid members, which offers more benefits than gap cover, is needed if you have a medical aid in South Africa. Medical scheme memberships only cover a specific amount if you have been hospitalised or require specialised treatments, and that’s where Combined GapCover from GapRisk steps in to save the day.

What is Combined GapCover for medical aid members?

Combined Cover is a combination of medical gap cover and co-pay cover benefits. Gap cover in South Africa is a type of cover that settles the remaining balance on the amount you’ve been charged by a Registered Medical Professional and what the Medical Scheme Tariff paid out for the in-hospital treatment you received.

Co-pay cover functions to offer gap cover for co-payments on procedures. This covers procedures received whether you’re an in-patient or out-patient, as well as hospital admission fees and specialised radiology. Examples are gap cover for specialised radiology, gap cover for MRIs and gap cover for CT Scans.

Why is Combined gap cover important?

When searching for “medical aid quotes South Africa” on Google or another search engine, you’re often led to believe that medical aids cover all your needs and act as the safety net you need during tough medical times. Unfortunately, this is not the case and like all nets, medical aid cover can be full of holes or “gaps” as we refer to it. These gaps exist because medical aid schemes only cover a certain amount of the potential expenses that could be incurred, as an in-patient or out-patient. If the treatment and services you receive exceed the medical aid scheme’s limit, your gap cover policy is able to offer shortfall cover to cover the excess balance. Combined gap cover, however does not come with no waiting period, it is therefore advisable to join as soon as possible and not wait until it is too late.

How to get combined gap cover for medical aid

Are you interested in getting a combined GapCover? GapRisk is able to offer a combined gap cover medical aid top up solution which will give you the peace of mind you need. We have a team of GapRisk Administrators who are able to offer a customised combined GapCover option to you after a quick consultation with you.

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